Meet Angel Morales make up artist and hairstylist.

Meet Angel Morales make up artist and hairstylist. Angel, who gets inspiration from his mother who encouraged him to pursue his love for hair and makeup, has described his career as truly blessed and filled with memorable moments. A kinetic ball of energy, Angel proudly counts Rhianna and Countess LuAnn among the celebs he has […]

Meet Alexander Acosta designer extraordinaire!

  Meet Alexander Acosta designer extraordinaire! Alexander has been designing couture and accessories for over 12 years. He launched his own label AGA Couture LLC in 2015 with two jaw dropping beautiful collections. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Alexander learned how to sew by watching his mother Miriam, a talented seamstress who specialized in gowns. […]

Hi-dee-ho fellow Sudsies!

Hi-dee-ho fellow Sudsies! I asked Emily for the recipe for her shoe-fly pie but with the County Fair coming up she wasn’t very keen on sharing it. She says this is her year to finally grab that blue ribbon. But I’ve got a salted caramel cream pie this year that begs to differ.Anyway, she did […]

Good morning fellow Sudsies!

Good morning fellow Sudsies! Headed down to Em’s Cafe on Main street for her famous blueberry pancakes that have those juicy and sweet berries that grow up at Doc Allen’s old place just on the outskirts of Sudsville. But first I wanted to let you know that later this week we will start taking nominations […]